Troubles with Mautic setup on AWS SES with domain on Wix

Your software
My Mautic version is: 4.2.0
My PHP version is: 7.4.28
My Database type and version is: 10.3.34-MariaDB

Your problem
My problem is: The test connection on the email settings gives the following error:

Connection to tcp:// Timed Out Log data: ++ Starting Swift_SmtpTransport !! Connection to tcp:// Timed Out (code: 0)
++ Starting Swift_SmtpTransport !! Connection to tcp:// Timed Out (code: 0)

Steps I have tried to fix the problem: My domain in AWS SES has been verified, I didn’t set up any ‘Custom MAIL FROM domain’ because my DNS provider Wix doesn’t let me (or I can’t figure out how); in the SMTP settings part of AWS I created a user with a password, considering that the interface changed from the one that appears on the videos from YouTube, I did it the simplest way I could. I tried different port connections on Mautic; I changed the ‘Service to send mail through’ option from ‘Amazon SES’ to ‘Other SMTP Server’ and added down below the ‘SMTP host’ which appears on the page of AWS ‘

I basically checked out all the videos in YouTube that I could find with the search “AWS SES Mautic SMTP” and the queries from Google didn’t prove much useful.

Have you tried connecting via api rather SMTP? Its an option in the drop down for amazonSES config. Requires a slightly diff config on Amazon SES.

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I would use API instead of SMTP on AWS SES.

I know most tutorial on internet setting up AWS SES API on mautic is outdated but try setting it up anyway. The AWS dashboard in tutorial is what outdated so you will have to do some digging around in AWS to get it all sorted out and working on API.

With API, you can also set up bounce and unsubscribe which I think is easier than setting up on SMTP anyhow.

I wrote this rough and ready guide to remind myself each time I do it.

How to connect Mautic with Amazon SES API

We need to create API credentials in SES, add those to Mautic and set up how to handle bounces and unsubs.

In Amazon SES

Step 1 - verify the sending domain

  1. Click create identity
  2. Select domain (or email but domain is better)
  3. Enter domain
  4. Leave configurations unchecked
  5. Enable DKIM signatures
  6. Create identity

On DNS server - we need to add amazon ses cnames to DNS

  1. In SES look for the 3 C names. This will be on the page you are taken to after creating identity above.
  2. Paste the 3 cname records to the DNS
  3. In SES click on verified identities in left menu
  4. Look for verified confirmation again the the domain in question

Create Amazon API keys

  1. In SES search for IAM in the page search bar and click thru to IAM
  2. Click user - add user
  3. Enter a user name and click programmatic access
  4. Click next
  5. Choose attach existing policies
  6. In policies search bat search for AmazonSESFull access and select it
  7. Then search for AmazonSNSFull access and select it
  8. Click next
  9. Click review
  10. Clcik create user
  11. That will show api keys.

In Mautic

  1. Navigate to configuration
  2. Email settings
  3. Select Amazon API in service to send email through
  4. Paste access key ID in user name field
  5. Paste secrett key in password field
  6. Navigate back to SES in Amazon, look for the region in the top right
  7. Select the same region in Mautic
  8. Hit test connection in mautic - should get success notification.
  9. In Mautic save and close

Setup bounce and unsub handling

  1. In amazon search for an navigate to SNS
  2. In SNS click topic - create topic
  3. Choose STD
  4. Give the topic a name - eg BnCnU (bounce and complaints and unsubs)
  5. Click create topic
  6. Then click create subscription
  7. For protocol choose https
  8. For end point enter
  9. Then click create subscription
  10. Then check it is linked to mautic by clicking subscriptions in the left menu
  11. Look for your subscription in the list and it should have a green tick.
  12. Then go to SES
  13. Clickinto the verified identity we are working with
  14. Click into notifications tab
  15. Edit feed back notifications tab
  16. From the top 2 drop downs choose the topic we just created
  17. Leave delivery notifications blank
  18. Save changes and all done!


  1. Create a user in mautic email
  2. Send them and email
  3. It should bounce and that suer be marked as bounce
  4. If you try send them an email again it will not send