I need help (one time job) - to set Mautic on cPanel + AWS + etc.


I will need someone to help me set everything in Mautic for email marketing for my business.

At this moment I HAVE:

  • Amazon SES account
  • domain verified Amazon SES account
  • main emain verified Amazon SES account (info@)
  • SMTP credentials
  • I will also instal Mautic on my cPanel

What I NEED?

  • to do ALL the setings in Mautic
  • I need everything: sending, unsubscribe, bounces, forms for my page, importing contact when people subscribe in form, marketing automation (when new contact add to list thrue form send a mail and start sequence), etc. …

Is anyone here who can help me?
If YES - send my your offers (price) and references in inbox.

Thank you and regards,

Hi, I think updates and regular maintanance should be included :wink:

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I am interested in your requirement.

Please reach me at Skype or Email.

Skype - cis.seth

Email - seth@cisinlabs.com


Seth R

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@seth2398, you’ve got mail … :wink:

Hi Sina,
I am an experienced Mautic freelancer and what you are wanting done is well within my area of expertise. I would be glad to help you out on this.
You can reach me on andrewjohnson56782@gmail.com
Best Wishes,

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@Andrew2, you’ve got mail … please, check it! :wink:

I’m still looking for someone to help me in Mautic instalation …
Thank you and regards,