Is Mautic 4 ready for php8 yet?

As the title asks, can we run Mautic in php8 yet?

Unfortunately we did not have enough contributors testing and reviewing the changes that are necessary to bring PHP 8 support.

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OK, I would have thought that this would have been a priority - especially given that php7.4 is already past it’s end of life. If I could code, I would help you for sure, but unfortunately that’s not my forte.

php7.4 is not at the eol yet but it currently on security patches only stage.

I am now installing php8 and php8.1 on my server just to test it on a non-production Mautic.

thanks @techbill .

Dear folks,

I just tested my freshly updated Mautic instance with php8x and these are the results:

php8.0.24 ==> works
php8.1 ==> Error Code 500

So updating to 8.0 should not be a problem if you need to as EOL is 28.11.2022

8.1 support will be coming with Mautic 5, as it has backwards compatibility breaking changes.

As always, please check Requirements for the latest information on what versions are supported.

Hi @rcheesley,

that’s great to hear. For me it is currently fine, as 8.0 works for me and my shared hosting will sunset 7.4 one day after EOL.

So I already switched and am fine for another year.

And maybe a two step approach might work for others as well. That was the reason I posted my experience.