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Is Mautic dead?


I heard and read som much about Mautic around 6 month ago. I have used the last hour to search around the internet and the forum here, and can see there is not much activity on questions etc. The biggest facebook group has 35 members.

Is Mautic dying out? I could understand with those big competitors there is now, and as I see it Mautic still needs some very basic functions. Fx resend to people who did not open emails, tracking on clickrate, old email builder etc.

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Yep (I like to feed the trolls)

I don’t think Michael is a troll. It is a serious question as the GitHub activity basically has stopped over the last few months.

That’s not true.
At the moment there is the most active development from core Mautic devs ever. They are working on Mautic 3 with Symfony 3 support.

Few Mautic core devs work on it. Without them, community will never finished that.

This branch is 1775 commits ahead of staging. Can you imagine how many working hours of expert developers require for 1775 commits?

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Wow, that is great to hear! But why do I not see the activity here?
Where is it taking place?

Mar 9, 2014 – Dec 28, 2019

Contributions to staging, excluding merge commits

Insights are from staging branch, developement is in another branch. You can follow pull requests tab with huge activity with both Mautic 2.x and 3.x activities and history of commits of 3.x branch

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Hello @michacassola,

"Is Mautic Dead? "

No, Mautic is not dead, with the exception of the very beginnings, Mautic and the community is now almost as lively as it was 2 years ago, which is both good but sad at the same time, cause it means we haven’t had net growth in over 2 years.

However, some important decisions that are being taken by the leadership could bring the dark ages back if they are not careful in their next steps:

In my last opinion post on I pointed out a huge problem that is just about to hit all of us in the long term, but especially the code contributors in the short term. If the community leadership doesn’t handle this issue with love and care, a lot of people might get really disappointed and possibly disjointed.

Is Mautic dying out?

Mautic will probably never dry out, there’s too many people, too many companies invested into it to let it die. A different question is:

Will the Community version thrive?
This remains to be seen, Mautic self-hosted might become stuck down the road if no new features are added, which is exactly what could happen if the all the code that is currently trapped in the migration limbo is never migrated.

In my opinion, since Acquia forced the migration upon us, Acquia should actively help every coder migrate the code (if the author is available and willing) or migrate the code themselves if the author is unreachable or unwilling to migrate it.
I would be gladly surprised if they announced anything of the sort, but I am not optimistic at all.

I suggest you read my last opinion post, if you haven’t already, it will hopefully give you some pointers about the current situation:

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Thank you @kuzmany for those insights, will help me to understand GitHub better too!

And also another thank you to you @Yosu_Cadilla for your opinion. I think that having to find the best compromise when ideas or wishes collide is one of the strongest points of Open Source. Hope that the optimistic parts of your opinion post will come true. All that code wasted would be more than unintelligent.

Another thing unrelated to this: @Yosu_Cadilla why don’t you make a plugin to backup mautic from the GUI as suggested here: Backup from the GUI ? I don’t because I can’t program.

Just wanted to say thanks for the community, the contributors, the developers, everyone that has a role in bringing Mautic this far. I’m in for the long haul. As a person that has lived through the life cycle of three technology startups, its tough. The work that has been completed so far is super cool and very appreciated. Looking forward to the future Mautic!


Welcome back @JeremyH!
What kind of tech startups have you involved with?

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