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Is there a way to export Contact level call notes?

Is there a way to export Contact level “call notes”?

I mean the interaction Notes that you can enter under each contact; General, Email, Call, Meeting. They are not included when I export a report or segment data.

I use self-hosted Mautic 4.

There doesn’t seem to be any built-in way to export call Notes - disappointing, please correct me if I’m wrong.

Apparently you have to go into the database/phpmyadmin and the Notes are stored in a database table lead_notes by contact ID.

I guess I have to write a SQL query, something like ‘get Notes where ID is mylist of IDs’. Has anyone done this? What is the quickest, easiest way?

are you working in terminal or via cpanel ?

If you are in terminal it is pretty simple:
mysql -u [db_username] [db_name] -p[password] -sN -e “select email, text, type, date_time from leads, lead_notes where = lead_notes.lead_id” > all_my_notes.csv
sed -e “s/\t/,/g” all_my_notes.csv

The above two commands will extract the email, text, type, date_time of all your notes and create them inside a file that is comma separated.

Thanks, but that terminal solution is not simple or practical at all. I was looking for a solution in the actual Mautic application.

I can go into the database with phpmyadmin and just export database table lead_notes, a more straightforward way to get all_my_notes.

But I don’t see an easy way to get only the notes of a certain segment or notes by campaign etc. I’d have to write advanced SQL queries for that I guess. Has anyone done that? Examples how to do it? Or is there another way?

Feature request then? Is this on the roadmap, exporting notes with contacts in Reports or from Segments?