Is there any conversion postback url on Mautic

Hi Guys, im new to mautic. Very happy to join this community.
I want to run some straight sales offers, i have ready emails to send. But the advertiser strongly recommended me to put a global postback url .
How should i find the postback url for mautic?
Is this function available? Is there any solution on this postback url ?

Hi, you can achieve similar function with some small coding knowledge using the following steps:

  • When the contact is created by a form entry or page visit you can post a value saved in the contact’s profile.

  • A form can start a campaign, where you use a webhook action step and post back the right data.

  • Create a segment, where the filter is “postback field not empty”, and the only campaign action is the postback.

  • If you want to save a transaction value to post it back as well, you can save it as “last transaction value” by the success page using javascript, and post this value with the webhook action in a campaign. You can set this campaign to be repeatable.

If your process is different, let me know here, I can adjust the steps.

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