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Is there anyone?

Hi, community seems empty. Why? :-)

Hi, community seems empty. Why? :slight_smile:

Hi, It is a bit empty at the moment, just some basic content to outline the forum channels. This forum will be the main source of feedback and interaction for all beta testers. Check back soon to stay up to date on the development!

Hi @alefattorini! We’re just getting started! :slight_smile: Glad that you are here and hope you’ll tell your friends!

Hi folks, nice integration :slight_smile:

I’m here, happy to help and test your product :slight_smile:

Hi I have just joined here and I am trying to understand what is going on here. Is there a demo or something with some basic features?
I am happy to test your product and help in the community too.

Hi Vakratid,
You are now an approved Beta-tester and have access to the private “Beta” thread, where you will find download instructions and the hosted version invite code.
Thank you for your participation. Looking forward to your engagement, and welcome to the team!


Hi Alex and everyone,

Had a look at Mautic and I must say I am impressed with the potential. You’ve made some good decisions in terms of workflow and interface - everything seems to be in the right place.
Happy to do some testing and development with my team and looking forward to discover all the features it provides.
Keep up the good work, well done!

Thanks for the feedback! We’d love to have you as an active member of the community. We’ll only become better with the involvement from testing and development from teams like yours.

Glad you’re here!

Welcome, and thanks so much for your encouragement! We are happy to have you in our community and encourage the feedback of you and your team. With your help, Mautic can become even better!

Feel free to contact us or post here on the forum if you have questions while getting started.

Great to have you!