Mautic users needed for Acceptance Testing of Mautic 3 beta this weekend!


This weekend we’re going to hold our first virtual ‘Making Mautic’ weekend and we’d like to invite you to join us!

:mag_right:We need people who are USERS of Mautic to help us with our User Acceptance Testing for the Mautic 3.0 release.:mag_right:

You do NOT need to be a developer - but ideally you should know your way around Mautic.

The Product Team will be setting up a simple way for you to pick up a test that needs to be done - for example testing a particular area of Mautic or a specific function - and a very easy way for you to report your findings.

Some organisations are getting people together for🍕 in their offices, or perhaps you might be joining us just for an hour, or for a single day - whatever time you can offer, we really appreciate.

We’ll be doing this virtually, so timezones don’t matter too much - we are even hoping to be able to do almost all of the testing with Mautibox so you may not even need a Mautic instance! (thanks to Heath Dutton for his work on making Mautibox ready for Mautic 3!)

:star::star::star:The more people we get testing this, the quicker we can release a thoroughly road-tested Mautic 3 stable release - so we really would love you to join us! :star::star::star:

As an added incentive, anybody who contributes at least three fully completed tests over the weekend will get some exclusive swag that nobody else in the community will have received - and some Mautic stickers!

Interested to know more?

Join us in #mautic-3 on Slack (get your invite at if you’re not yet on our Slack instance) and let us know roughly when you think you might be available over the weekend!

Let’s get Making Mautic!