Mautic 3 Beta User Acceptance Testing - How to Get Involved!

Good morning all, and happy leap-year-Saturday! :frog:

We’re kicking off some User Acceptance Testing for Mautic 3 Beta this weekend and we’re really delighted to have folk join us to help out.

This is the first time we’ve done it, so please bear with us as we figure out what works and what doesn’t Here’s some basic info on how to get started.

We have aimed to make the actual tasks very small, so that you should be able to pick something up and get it done in a very short amount of time.

  • Please visit our Mautic 3 Beta Trello board where you will see a ‘start here’ card - this is a good reference point for this process. It also has links to join our Trello team, and get an invite to join this board. Please take a read!

  • We have worked through and identified all the ‘Core Chunks’ of Mautic which need testing - these are in the ‘Core chunks’ column.

  • The team have been working through these chunks and pulling out small tasks that need to be checked in each of them. You can see these indicated on the core chunk card as a small trello icon with a number next to it. These tasks don’t have much detail at the moment - and some core chunks we haven’t got around to pulling out the tasks yet (we will work through them over the weekend). If you’re not sure what needs to be tested please ask for clarification.

  • You can either open a Core Chunk, and look through the tasks associated (they are attached to the core chunk as cards) or simply browse through the ‘Inbox’ column to look at all the tasks.

  • Pick a task you would like to work on, and assign yourself to the card. Add a note to the card if you wish, and move it to ‘In Progress’

  • Spin up a testing instance at (thanks @heathdutton!) where you will be able to run Mautic 3 beta with demo data. Document what you’ve checked in the comments of the card, and if everything checks out OK, move it to UAT passed. If you have any problems or questions about Mautibox please ask them here or ping Heath.

  • If you find a problem, a bug, or something else, add your observations in as much detail as possible, and move it to UAT Failed. One of the Product Team will pick it up and look into it in more detail

  • If you’re stuck with something, need more information to carry out the tests, or something else is blocking you from proceeding, please move the card into ‘Blocked/Waiting On’

Various members of the Product Team and myself will be around over the weekend, but we won’t be here 24/7 - so if you don’t get an immediate answer to a question please pop that task into ‘blocked/waiting on’ and pick something else to work on. We will do our best to keep up with any questions or requests for help!

Thank you all for giving up your precious time to help us get Mautic 3 ready to release!

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