It's Friday, hurrah! 🎊 Let’s get going on Open Source Friday!

Hey Mautic Community :wave:

You’ve made it through another week and that alone is worth a celebration :tada: But before we wrap things up, there’s an exciting adventure we want you to embark on with us this Open Source Friday!

:stop_sign: Before you go further, have you joined us on Slack? Use to get an invitation!

Testing Mautic 5

We’re readying to release a new Beta version of Mautic, complete with all the awesome features and bug fixes we’ve been working hard on during the past months! :hammer_and_wrench:

Some of our bug fixes are in the pipeline, while promising features are twinkling on the horizon, waiting to be unveiled. And guess what? You’ve got the power to help everything go smoother :hatching_chick:

Testing is where the magic happens :sparkles: and the coolest part is that anyone can take part in this quest. Yes, you read that right! No special technical expertise is required, it’s all in the browser! :earth_americas:

I even made a video if you find that easier to follow, check it out below! :video_camera:

Remember, every bug squashed :bug: is a milestone! It’s about taking us further along the path to a better, stronger, more reliable Mautic :rocket:

:mega: Join us in #t-product on Slack for help getting started!

:female_detective: Help us to review the Alpha release and find bugs!

Spin up an instance in your browser here and test every feature of Mautic that you can. Check Issues · mautic/mautic · GitHub if you spot a bug, and if it’s not already logged please create a new issue.

:white_check_mark: Test new bug fixes and features

Check out our shiny new project board, especially crafted for you, to see all the fixes, features, and enhancements that need testing:

Open Source Fridays · GitHub.

Fancy a sneak peek into the future of Mautic and also helping the community of users you’re a part of? Look no further. Dive into our docs on how to test these elements right here :dart:

So, let’s team up and aim for a bug-free horizon! With every test, we’re a step closer to a superior Mautic.

Happy bug hunting and a very Happy Open Source Friday to you :tada:

And just remember, while your morning coffee gives you the kick to start your day :coffee:, testing for bugs will make you the superstar of Mautic! :star2:

Marketing strategists … we have a challenge for you! :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Is marketing your thing? Do you know your outbound from your inbound? Your TOFU from your BOFU? Fancy helping Mautic to become more well known and widely used?

Last week we had two great strategy workshops and now we are planning some major projects for the coming year including:

  • Developing an inbound marketing plan
  • Creating an ambassadors program
  • Working on a launch strategy for the new membership tiers and benefits

:mega: Come and join us in #t-marketing on Slack if you want to know more and help with this!

Calling all website developers (Drupal :droplet: )

Are you a Drupal developer? We have some new features we want to build on our website including:

  • A searchable database of partners
  • A searchable database of case studies (linked to partners)
  • An experts database of members (individuals and companies) of the General Assembly
  • A jobs board

:mega: Come and join us in #t-marketing on Slack if you want to know more!

Website designers - we :heart: you!

We also want to completely overhaul the website and build a new template - we would love to hear from designers and front-end (Drupal) developers, as well as marketers who can help us to optimise for conversion.

:mega: Come and join us in #t-marketing on Slack if you want to know more!

Documentation writers ahoy! :ring_buoy:

We are :straight_ruler: this close to getting our new developer docs launched! We need to move and update the docs on MVC to take into account our latest development with Mautic 5.

:mega: Join us on #t-education on Slack if you can help with this!