🦸🏻 Wield Your Superpowers for Mautic: Open Source Friday needs YOU!

Hello Mautic Magicians! :wave: :mage:

It’s nearly the weekend! But, before you run for the hills, here’s your chance to give something back to Mautic!

:bell: If you’re not part of our Slack community yet, it’s about time you joined! Head over to Slack to get an invitation.

Become a member!

First thing’s first for folks who are busy and haven’t got time to contribute practically (and also those of you who do!) - have you become a member yet?

Take a look at our blog post: Mautic's new chapter: fueling open source innovation through the General Assembly - Mautic Community for details on individual membership and corporate membership tiers.

If you want to support Mautic, head over to Open Collective and sign up right away!

How to contribute

Testing bugs and new features

We have a whole bunch of exciting new features and bugs that have been found with both Mautic 4 and Mautic 5, which need testing.:computer::hammer_and_wrench:

You can do all of the testing within your browser - no need to install Mautic, apply patches, or anything fancy! Just one click will take you to a Mautic instance with the fix or feature applied, ready for testing.

Learn more in the docs at https://mau.tc/tester. :globe_with_meridians: :sparkler:

Prefer guided tours? Hop on for our video tutorial journey! :film_projector:

:loudspeaker: Need assistance? Join us at the #t-product channel on Slack!

:thinking: Wondering what needs testing? You’re in luck! We have a project board which has been especially curated:

Marketers ahoy! Help needed! :dart:

We need some help with developing our inbound marketing plan and kicking off an ambassadors program, as well as launching and publicising the new membership tiers.

:loudspeaker: Join the conversation in #t-marketing on Slack!

Drupal developers: We need you too! :droplet:

We are building a team to work on developing some changes and improvements on the mautic.org website.

Want to join us? Head over to #mautic-community-website on Slack, or check out our GitHub repository:

We’re also planning in the longer term a total website reshuffle and a modern template. We’re keen to converge with designers and front-end (Drupal) developers, along with conversion-savvy marketers for a fantastic makeover of our site.

Technical writers: Help us finish the Dev Docs! :writing_hand:

We are :straight_ruler: this close to finishing the new dev docs which are a massive improvement on our current documentation and will help new developers to get up to speed with Mautic much faster.

Could you help us to update the MVC docs and bring them over to the new repository?

How about helping us create Postman collections to super charge developers on their journey with our API?

:mega: Join #t-education on Slack and let’s get the project completed!

:question: Have skills or interests in areas other than the ones that are posted here? Just drop us a message in #new-contributors on Slack and we’ll signpost you to the many tasks that we have which need some help getting completed!

Make the most of this golden opportunity to contribute, learn, and grow together. And remember - your input matters and makes a big difference :star2:

Enjoy your weekend!