🦸🏻 Celebrate Open Source Friday: Be a Mautic Hero Today!

Hello Mautic Enthusiasts! :wave:

Congratulations on making it to the end of the week! :tada: Now, before we wind down, we’ve got an electrifying mission for you this Open Source Friday!

:bell:If you haven’t already, join us on Slack! Use Slack to get on board!

Testing Mautic 5

Our gears have been grinding away for the upcoming Beta release of Mautic, packed with cutting-edge features and crucial bug fixes that we’ve relentlessly worked on :hammer_and_wrench:

We’ve got some bug fixes ready and new features glowing on the horizon, eager to see the light. Right now, you hold the key to pave the way for a smoother release :sparkler:

No magic wand needed! :magic_wand: Testing is where your power shines, and everyone can join the fight. That’s right! No need to be a tech wizard, it’s all happening in the browser! :globe_with_meridians:

Find it easier with a guide? Here’s a video tutorial to help you out! :film_projector:

How to test bugs and features in Mautic

Every bug you squash :bug: brings us one step closer to our goal – a better, more robust, and reliable Mautic! :rocket:

:loudspeaker: Join us today in #t-product on Slack for guidance!

:female_detective: Put your detective hat on, review the Alpha release, and uncover those bugs!

Fire up an instance in your browser here and put every Mautic feature to the test. Notice a bug? Report it on Issues · mautic/mautic · GitHub. If one isn’t already logged, please create a new issue there.

:white_check_mark: Validate new bug fixes and features

Take a look at our new project board created just for you, and see all the shiny new features, fixes, and improvements awaiting your tests:

Looking to glimpse into Mautic’s future while chipping in to help the community? Dive into our docs on how to test: https://mau.tc/tester :dart:

Here’s your chance to champion the cause of a bug-free Mautic. Every bug you squash, brings us one step closer.

Happy bug hunting and enjoy Open Source Friday! :tada:

Remember, your morning coffee :coffee: kicks off your day, but testing bugs makes you the Mautic superhero! :superhero:

Marketing Strategists, we need you! :mega:

Are marketing trends your game? Navigate through outbound and inbound, TOFU and BOFU? Help Mautic gain the recognition and usage it deserves.

We’ve recently had two effective strategy workshops, and now we’re eyeing some big projects for the next year:

  • Building an inbound marketing plan
  • Establishing an ambassadors program
  • Crafting a launch strategy for the new membership tiers and benefits

:loudspeaker: Join the strategic action in #t-marketing on Slack!

Website developers (Drupal :droplet: ), we’re looking for you!

Do you dabble in Drupal? We’ve got some exciting features we’d love to see on our website:

  • A searchable partners database
  • A searchable case studies database (linked to partners)
  • An experts database of General Assembly members (individuals and companies)
  • A jobs board

Check out the project board here: Mautic.org development · GitHub

:loudspeaker: Hop in #t-marketing on Slack to learn more!

Website designers, we :heart: you!

We’re planning a complete website revamp and a fresh new template - we’re eager to hear from designers and front-end (Drupal) developers, along with marketers who can help optimise for conversion.

Documentation writers ahoy! :ring_buoy:

We are :straight_ruler: this close to getting our new developer docs launched! We need to move and update the docs on MVC to take into account our latest development with Mautic 5.

:mega: Join us on #t-education on Slack if you can help with this!