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Is there no Gmail (Workspaces) API email delivery methods?

Your software
My Mautic version is: 4.1.0
My PHP version is: 7.4

I’ve looked around all the docs and can only find the plugin/extension to track emails sent using the Gmail UI in Mautic. I can’t find anything regarding using the API for sending emails through Google Workspaces aka Gmail.

I currently have the “other SMTP” set up authorizing with uname and password. I had the same setup on my WP installs but constantly had failed sending emails errors that I switched to the API approach. Now that I have the credentials set up I wanted to use the same approach with Mautic.

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Interesting. Also gmail API does have a daily limit as well, right?

It does have a limit however it’s workable in my case.

Sending a message uses 100 quota units. or 10M emails sent per day at 2 emails per second.

I ask about the API connection as SMTP auth, at least with Gmail servers is sketchy. I recently switch WPSMTP connecting via SMTP to OAuth and the failure rate went from 100+ per week to zero.

API limit type Limit
Daily usage 1,000,000,000 quota units per day for your application.
Per user rate limit 250 quota units per user per second, moving average (allows short bursts).

Oh that looks like a big limit.

I was talking about Gmail workspace limit. Gmail sending limits in Google Workspace - Google Workspace Admin Help

You could use a gmail account to send emails without any charge as well.

My marketing list is really small. I only have >1K on my list at the moment. I could go with Mailgun, they do have a free account that lets you send 1250 emails a month free. The 1251st email is $1 though! lol. Then it’s $.80 per thousand emails sent.


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