Pros/Cons using Gmail-Business as a ESP

Hello there.
What is your experience about using G-Suite/G-Business as a provider for sending the Mautic email marketing campaigns? Do you have an idea about the pros/cons?

It depends how many emails you want to send. If it is under 100 emails / day, than there are no cons I think.

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Thanks @joeyk

What about around 3,000 per week?..around 1,000 per batch (3 sends per week)

You will hit Gmail’s limits, which is around couple hundred.
In fact it can change based on your sending habits, account type:
But Google Workplace emails might be higher.
I don’t see any reason why not to use a professional email provider if you send 12.000 emails / month.
That is already bulk amount.
Using Gmail for this is like Amazon delivering by a skateboard.