Multiple Emails for Campaigns

Hi Everyone,

I’m new to Mautic so hoping someone can help, I’d like do the following scenario with Mautic utilising GSuite/Gmail addresses.

The scenario is that I need to send 2700 users emails in a month, to keep a high delivery rate, I know that each email address needs to send no more than 30 emails a day.

This would mean I’d need to have the campaign utilise 3 email addresses (30 a day x 30 days is 900), to cover the 2700 emails

Assuming this is possible and we created a drip sequence, would the system ensure it used the same email address for all 3 dripped emails over the month?

Appreciate everyone’s input in this.
Thanks Paul

@paultaylor Do yourself a favor and signup for AWS SES or Sendgrid which allow mass sending.
Then you do not have to worry about this issue.
These tools are worth the extra expense, and easy to add.