Schedule emails on autopilot

Hello :slight_smile:

I wonder if there’s any way to program Mautic for sending x amount of emails x day on autopilot.

I just imported my clients emails to mautic and I will like to email them, but ofc I do not want to send 10K emails at once, or send them manually…

Is there any way to automate mautic to send x amount of emails x day?
I think this is a very basic feature, but I couldn’t find it!

many thanks!

You can control the number of emails sent per day, or per hour by using the Queue feature and throttling the email with the Message Limit for Queue Processing setting. Depending on how frequently you process the queue with the mautic:email:send cron job, you multiply that by the Message Limit to determine how many emails will be sent per hour (or x 24 for per day).

Thanks for your reply,
I know this process, which apart of being not optimal, is not a good solution if you run multiple campaigns same time as it will affect all of them, also not optimal for sending the emails at specific times. Actually is quite disastrous way to handle the workflows.

Don’t get me wrong I love Mautic, but the lack of this feature is quite surprising and disappointing, as is one of the basics for any email marketing tool.