Limit daily mails inside campaigns

My use case looks like this: I have a segment with 1000 contacts and I want to create a campaign that sends a total of 100 mails every day at exactly 1pm. After 10 days the campaign should be completed and every contact within the segment should have received a mail.

Of course, I could just split my segment into 10 smaller segments. But in reality my segment is much bigger and that would be a lot of work. So my question is if this is somehow possible with mautic. After checking the campaign actions and conditions, I couldn’t come up with a solution so far.

I would appreciate any kind of help.

You can limit the whole Mautic system to only send X mails per day by configuring the email settings to send via queue, then configure the number of emails you want sent per trigger, and then configure your cronjob to trigger email:send at the required frequency.

Not an ideal solution as this will limit your entire system and I am guessing you are using mails elsewhere besides this campaign,

The other solution I can think of is to use the CustomSQL plugin and write out conditions that you can use inside the campaign.