Issue with EMAIL_ON_SEND event and Leads informations in a Plugin

Your software
My Mautic version is: 2.15.1
My PHP version is: 7.1.27

I made a plugin to manage some specifics custom tokens.
It works well when I send a test email, but when I send an email to a segment, I have a problem.

Here is a simplified version of my EventListener.

In this example, I want to replace {testref} token by a specific customer field named reference.
I know I can do this with {customerfield=reference}, but it’s only for example (in real plugin, I use some lead fields to generate specifics links from custom tokens - and no I can’t do what in the email editor).

namespace MauticPlugin\MyBundle\EventListener;

use Mautic\CoreBundle\EventListener\CommonSubscriber;
use Mautic\EmailBundle\EmailEvents;
use Mautic\EmailBundle\Event\EmailBuilderEvent;
use Mautic\EmailBundle\Event\EmailSendEvent;

 * Class EmailSubscriber
class EmailSubscriber extends CommonSubscriber

     * @return array
    static public function getSubscribedEvents()
        return array(
            EmailEvents::EMAIL_ON_SEND    => array('onEmailSend', 0),

     * @param EmailSendEvent $event
    public function onEmailSend(EmailSendEvent $event)
        $lead = $event->getLead();
        $lead_reference = ($lead !== null) ? $lead['reference'] : 'unknown_reference';
        $debug = 'Lead Reference : '.$lead_reference;
        file_put_contents('mylog.log', $debug . PHP_EOL, FILE_APPEND);

        $contentText = $event->getPlainText();         
        $content = $event->getContent();

        $content = str_replace('{testref}', $lead_reference, $content);




The problem is : let’s say I want to send an email to a segment with 3 leads.
I want every lead to receives an email with its own reference :

Hi A, your Reference is A
Hi B, your Reference is B
Hi C, your Reference is C

But instead of above, every lead receives an email with the reference of the first lead processed :

Hi A, your Reference is A
Hi B, your Reference is A
Hi C, your Reference is A

When I output this reference in a log, I can see that the loop is okay (2 times, I don’t know why, and right now I dont care ahah) :

Lead Reference : A
Lead Reference : A
Lead Reference : B
Lead Reference : B
Lead Reference : C
Lead Reference : C

So I know the code get the correct datas… Yet I don’t get why everybody see the data of the first processed lead only.

PS : when I say everybody, I mean all my test emails in a test segment… Not in production ofc.

Any help is welcomed, thanks !

Any idea, anyone ? I’m turning crazy with this problem, save a simple man, help me ;D

Hello, sorry for posting again, but still looking for help… :frowning:


Nobody have an idea ? Thanks.