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Issues with configuring email

I am trying to configure the email in the email setting of configuration panel
When it is configuring mautic with the following setting It says "Please wait "

Can you check if you have any errors reported in Config (gear sign) / Configuration / System info / log ?

I am sending the system logs as seen when this test was done

Can you try to put actual domain that points to that smtp host (not IP as you have right now).

Also are you sure you do not have any encryption set, I find that a bit odd.

thanks for your response
I still have an error message

Did you try to put:

instead of string with https and other stuff. The thing is that technically speaking what you have on image above in SMTP host input is URL not host, so please try to enter host only.

i have replaced the name with domain name and still having issues


this are the logs


I suspect host is still not right (or some email address you use).

can you send an email from your server (webmail) and inspect the source of the message, to find for sure what the host.

Also can you clear the cache when you do the changes in mautic, just to be sure we are always working with the latest changes you make in conifg.

You can find out the host of your email server by searching for Message-ID: the part after @ is host.

Double check please that email you use in from and to fields of the message are valid as well.