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How can I import more than one JS file at my landing pages?

The CSS import very well, but the JS imports, just the firt one.

How can I import more than one JS file at my landing pages?
The CSS import very well, but the JS imports, just the firt one.

Can you please provide more info? What Mautic version are you talking about? Steps to replicate the issue?

I’m sorry. I’m using 2.0 version.
I don’t know if its common.
When I paste this code at my landing page:

Mautic include Just the first one script and skip the anothers.

That is what i want:

When I use Mautic’s landing page system, that is what I get:

Ok, there is an issue with themes which has many external assets. It will be fixed in Mautic 2.1.0, in this PR particularly:

Be careful with this #2032 stuff. I took a lot of time and corrected and replaced the files.
Result is, that I connot open some of my exisiting landing pages, I cannot create new landing pages and replace the destroyed ones.
My campaigns don`t send Emails because of the external cron job stuff.

To be honest: I think we are turning in circles. We fix one thing and get 2 new problems…

I wait for the next version and somebody who adapts the script to run cron jobs external.
Otherwise I`ll stop spending my times with mautic. Then it is a nice playground but nothing to work with in a serious and predictable way

I’m quite sure the problem is in the way you tested #2032 and not in #2032 itself. Also, it’s not a good idea to test PRs in a production Mautic. If you’d like to help the project and made sure that the next version won’t have any bugs in it, testing the new PRs is the best way. Here is how to do it properly:

Please, bare in mind that an open source project can be as good as the community around it. If everyone of its users will wait when someone fixes a bug, someone tests it afterwards and then it will be ready for you to use without any price or time investment, then be aware that this is thinking 99% of Mautic users as well.

It’d be amazing if you were thinking the “Don’t ask what Mautic can do for you but what you can do for Mautic” way. If you compare it with prices of other marketing automation systems and count the saved cost using Mautic, then invest 10% of this saved cost back to the testing of new PRs of Mautic, Mautic would be much more stable.

OK, your answer fits exactly in my picture that I got here the last weeks.
Did you ever think about the fact, that my time costs money, that all the delays cost money, and Im still try to work with mautic and find a way to get my proplems solved. Is this no kind of interesst? I dont want to get in trouble with you and end it at this point.
I`ll wait for the next version and hope for a solution for the cron jobs…