Email id's not upload

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When I am uploading email list in Mautic, all emails are not getting uploaded in it.
I have uploaded a list of 40000 and only 18000 emails have been uploaded in it.
Why is this happening

your support system is very bad i really don’t like it
nobody help me nobody available to solve my problem
this is such a ridiculous service and support system.

solve my problem as soon as possible if you can or if not then tell me.

Hi there,

After dealing with your GitHub issue, spam pull request and now a forum post this morning, let’s get something clear.

I get it, when something doesn’t work how you expect it to, and you need to get it working, it’s frustrating. We’ve all been there, I’m sure.

Mautic is an open source project. It is maintained by a community of people from around the world, who help others in their spare time. We have a great culture here of helping and supporting each other in a positive and friendly way.

We are not a company, we don’t offer a SLA, and we certainly don’t permit the kind of rudeness you have displayed in all your interactions today in our community.

You will find our Code of Conduct is quite clear on this in the expected behaviours section:

If you require support immediately (given that your reply on your GitHub issue was a mere minute after posting the issue, stating how bad the support was) you will need to contract with a company who provide this level of service. I don’t know of any who would provide such a service, however.

Perhaps if you consider rephrasing your question here is the forums to something a little less demanding and entitled, someone would be willing to provide you with some help to address your issue, but let it be known that if your interactions continue in this manner, we will take further action.

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ok i understand sorry for the inconvenience

Do you have any solution ?

It’s most likely that you are importing in the browser rather than using the cron task. This often results in the browser timing out.

Read the documentation here for more guidance:

ok thank you dear