Landing Pages on Different Subdomain

My issue is I have a client that wants to host landing pages from Mautic, however wants the landing pages to sit on a different sub-domain than the mautic installation.

I have not been able to find any documentation on this or a way to do it.

Would very much appreciate some direction here.

Basically the architecture we want is for the mautic installation and then for the landing pages

Is this at all possible ?

Thanks in advance.



I think you can try to do that by configuring your HTTP server and DNS this way, assuming you’re using Apache:

This way, the same mautic installation is available from two different sub-domains. There is sill one important issue to be solved: an appropriate cookie domain. I think you will also have to set the mautic.cookie_domain configuration parameter to in config/local.php, so that the same tracking cookie is used both on and

If you want to have SSL support, then it will be a little more difficult, you may either:

  • use a wildcard certificate * that will match both the main name and the alias with a single certificate.
  • instead of using ServerAlias, create a second vhost, pointing to the same PHP code as the main vhost, but configured with a different certificate.

This should work but it’s just an idea, completely untested…

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Thanks will give this a try when time allows and will update here results.