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Been a while since I was involved in an open source project but would like to contribute in “non-programming” ways. What are the needs of this community? I have experience with Marketo and Pardot and could be useful as a tester. Happy to learn a little php where I can, but I don’t want to trip the pros up.

Been a while since I was involved in an open source project but would like to contribute in “non-programming” ways. What are the needs of this community? I have experience with Marketo and Pardot and could be useful as a tester. Happy to learn a little php where I can, but I don’t want to trip the pros up.

Hi Sean,

Thanks so much for your offer to contribute to our project! It’s fantastic that you have marketing automation experience. No worries if you don’t have a coding background. We would be happy to have you contribute to the community with your own strengths.

One thing that we need at this point is use case and other documentation of how to use marketing automation. It sounds like your experience with other MA platforms would give real value to Mautic users. Since we are geared toward providing small businesses with marketing automation capabilities we need plenty of documentation in the process of building campaigns, structuring assets, and coordinating all aspects of the process.

If you think you might be able to help us out in that regard, I would recommend that you stay involved on the ‘docs’ here on the forum and join the #docs chat on Slack, our real-time team messaging platform.

Thanks again for your willingness to get involved! Welcome to the community : )

Hi smkeesler!

First off thank you so much for offering to help! We are definitely trying to build community source efforts as much as possible.

We’re doing a number of things right now which are all going to be ways that the community can be involved:

  1. Docs

All the documentation can be updated from this git repo:

We really need some improved documentation in things like forms, actions and points, and probably a few other areas I don’t know of right now!

  1. Testing
  • We’ve just finished merging all the pull requests on the main repo for our 1.0 stable release! But, as more pull requests come in after this we always could use help testing. We typically include testing instructions, but if you don’t see them feel free to ask. We like to have a few good tests before getting code merged into the main repository for each pull request. Github gives handy directions on how to test each pull request on your local branch.
  1. Forums
  • Maintaining the forums is a big job. There’s questions about marketing automation, technical issues, how-tos, etc… We definitely need more marketers involved who know how marketing automation works and can offer their expertise and share their knowledge on the subject.
  1. Tutorials
    We want to do in-depth tutorials that are high value, well written articles on all things mautic and marketing automation. We have some future plans for this to be a great feature on

  2. What are we lacking?
    There’s got to be some area where we’re falling short, I’d love to get your thoughts on where you see Marketo and Pardot have done well that we haven’t hit yet, what’s missing or lacking, we want to fix it!

Alex, I’m a Business Analyst, so use cases, user stories and project management stuff is up my alley. If it’s helpful, I can contribute. I recognize that my knowledge of other platforms may color my activity…I’ll try to check it at the door where I can. Where is the action on this front? Is there a collection of user stories that developers are working from?

I have had memorable bad documentation experiences. I think laying out a prioritized list of things to document would be helpful as a first step for me. Is there a working list of “to do’s”?

I can chime in on forums when it works for me. I’ll be honest, I don’t write the copy that makes the whole world sing. I am more of a systems implementor. Configuration of a few really good examples right OOTB to take it from “blank canvas” to “skeleton” helps me a lot. Maybe we can come up with some scenarios to tackle.

A quick look-see around made me wonder where the email and LP templates were. Is that by design? A future iteration? Did I miss it? I am into this for about 2 hours now…I may have missed something.

Any update on tutorials? I am wondering what level of knowledge I should expect to have to make use of creating landing pages. Is there a tutorial for landing pages? Or anything else in Mautic?

I am looking forward to using this product and maybe becoming a partner.

Thank you.

Hello guys, first of all congratulations for this amazing initiative.
I’m quite new to digital marketing world, but at the moment I needed an automation tool I got stuck because I think the prices of most automation tools are really very prohibitive not only for small companies but also for bigger companies.

I’ve just fired myself from my full time job and now I’m 100% full time in digital marketing. I’ve been a system analyst and java web developer for the last 14 years but now I’m starting this new carrer which became a passion.

In spite of I’m new in Digital Mrketing I believe I’m already very skilled and I’d like to contribute to the projetc in any way bacause I really believe in the power of the open source community.

Unfortunately, until now I just have some experience with mailchimp, and in the last few days I was thinking about Active Campaign because it’s much cheaper for a beginner than many others tools such as Infusion, RD Station and so forth.
I need an automation tool to boost the sales of my gift store here in Brazil. Is it a good idea to start using mautic in my scenario?

Maybe I could start contributing with this project with translation or even applying this tool in my own business.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

thank you

I’m maybe not the right person to answer your question, because you are asking more digital marketing question to other digital marketers who has experience with other marketing automation platforms and can compare Mautic. Which I’m not. But anyway, I’d recommend to just give it a try. Mautic is free. All you have to invest is your time. The time is valuable, I know, but hey, you’d have to invest the same time with paid marketing automation platforms as well. Mautic is no different.

There is some time investment needed to install and configure Mautic to your server. If you really want to just try Mautic on your project, I’d recommend to go for hosted service at where you’ll have Mautic running and configured in 2 minutes.

Thank you for your response. I can say I fell more confident to give it a try now. My concern was that the platform wouldn’t be ready for real projects in production environment. I understand that some issues might happen but anyway I understand there’s a stable version with anough features for a project.

Is there a difference between your hosted service and DIY ? What are the limitations of the hosted service ?

Thanks in advance.

@jcolome This forum is for the Mautic open source community. Your question should be send to the Allyde support, the maintainer of service, but since you’ve asked here, their Mautic is installed and configured so you don’t have to waste your time with that. They have also some more features like advanced Twitter plugin and modal box plugin. But their Mautic has also some limitations.