LinkedIn automation

Is there a way to automatically import LinkedIn contacts into Mautic (email, name, etc.)?

Thank you very much.

Yes. But it depends how you asked them for permission to use their emails.

Thanks much!

I don´t understand. I´m linked with my contacts in Linkedin. Now i like to get there email adresses to mautic. What you mean is for gdpr? I´m looking for the technical solution.

It looks like you can download connections from LN:

Then you just import them into mautic as CSV.

Hi, thanks much. I know. But I like to import the contacts automatically after i get a new linked contact.

For this you would need to integrate mautic and linkedin using api. This link seems to point you on the right track: Accessing LinkedIn APIs | LinkedIn Help

Thank you very much! I´ll try that with API.

@skayy please keep us posted about your progress - would be very interesting if indeed possible (and a great feature in that case)!

Many Thanks. I looked at LinkedIn’s API. I can create an app with it. But how do I connect the api to Mautic? I need a plugin or similar for this.

Do you have access to their api? As I read this article from above, you need to send a request to LinkedIn team to even be considered for access.

I would first check if its even possible to get the data from the api that the team approved. Assuming everything is OK up to this point, you would probably need to write mautic plugin to integrate mautic and Linkedin

n8n has both a mautic node and an LinkedIn api node so that could be a method of connection. I am not sure of what is possible with the linkedin node though.

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Sorry, i can´t do that. i´m not a coder :wink:

But i will have a look at this tipp from robm for n8n.


Linkedin only lets you to create a POST.

It is their business modell to keep the data for themselves.

  1. You can export linkedin contacts (see above)
  2. You can use the sales navigator to push people to your landing page.
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we have used the Make solution (formerly known as Integromat) more often in customer projects:

Hi Skayy,

In n8n you’ll need to create a custom API call to LinkedIn. This process may be simpler in Zapier or Make, although those pre-built nodes may also be limited in scope and function.

In any case, the app you make in your LinkedIn account will need to be approved for its specific level of access. Shouldn’t be a big problem or a huge amount of time. I find LinkedIn approvals to be quite speedy.

Please do check back in and report if and when you have your solution. I know many of us here would love to know how you did it in the end.