Looking for Ideas - Monthly Emails

I have a use case where I have segment A, B,C

A, B, C get different emails. Jan, Feb, Mar… Dec. (12)

Trying to automate this EVERY year for people in segments A, B, C

I can do a campaign “at a specific time” ie: Jan 15, but then I’d have to create a new campaign every year for each segment.

I can’t do at a relative time, because the emails are not based on when the person enters the campaign.

Segment Emails won’t work either because that would be even more work re-creating and scheduling 36 segment emails every year.

Ideally I’d like to set it up to automatically send everyone in segment A a specific email EVERY January and then a specific email every month after. Anyone in the segment will get the monthly email. ie: if they are in segment A in February they’ll get February’s email.

I’ve been racking my brain, but thinking this is not possible without re-creating a campaign every year with specific dates.

Anyone have any other ideas?