Make Tags editable

Hello to all,

this is a feature request for the tag manager: It would be great if it would be possible to rename existing tags.

Because sometimes you are not sure how to call your tag or mispell your tag when creating it.


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Hi Mara

Absolutely, I’ve been searching for this as well. There really seems no possibility. This should be a basic feature. Thank you for bringing it up!


Thanks for upvoting, Sarah!

Yes, it seems to be simple. But oftentimes the simple things can be harder to implement technically than we can see from the outside.

I agree with you that renaming tags is indeed an important feature especially when campaigns get more complex and you start to optimize your marketing automation system. Then you want to rename some tags and not go in every campaign where you used the old tag and change it to the tag with the new name.

So hopefully it gets some priority in the developing schedule. But the tag manager itself is already a huge improvement for me! I think the mautic development team is really doing an outstanding job and there is a lot happening in the mautic community. :smiley: