Make token variable work in test email sends

Currently in Channels > Emails if you open an email you can choose to “Send Example”. This example does not correctly pull token variables (eg first names, etc) and this causes several headaches:

  1. its misleading, took me hours to figure out that the tokens not working was expected behaviour.

  2. Its not ideal UX for a testing button to not actually test the tokens. This is by far one of the largest mistakes in an email campaign when a token name is mistyped or not working and the recipient gets a nice variable filed instead.

  3. Above is only fixable by setting up a custom testing situation using a segment. This is time consuming, and also requires cron jobs to trigger via terminal (or sitting and waiting for them to trigger which takes time). When building email campaigns its normally required to test send quite a lot of times so this becomes very slow without that button representing a true test.

Would be great if this can be fixed.