Set token values in Campaign for Send Email

My idea is:

In a campaign, be able to set token values for the “Send Email” action, so that tokens in the email can have their values set to particular values based on decisions in the campaign.

For example, I’ve just been setting up a campaign for a new client who has 4 regional sites. When someone signs up for an account with one of these sites, they get sent 4 emails, over the course of 3 weeks. The content of these emails is exactly the same, but the links in the email need to go the that users particular regional site URL. To do this, I had to clone the emails and set up a campaign that has 4 different paths based on a custom variable against the contact telling the campaign which site they signed up for and sending them down the correct path to receive the emails with the correct region URL in them. If I had been able to do this with tokens, I would have only needed the emails once each, instead of 4 times each.

I think these groups of people would benefit from this idea:

Anyone who needs to send the same email with different values in it based on something from the contact or some other decision in the campaign.

Why I think they would benefit from this idea:

They would be able to maintain a smaller base of emails for a campaign and any edits required for that campaign would be reduced to only having to do them once, instead of multiple times.

Any code or resources to support this idea:


Are you willing to work on this idea?:

I would be happy to test it.