Marketplace - Custom Repo

Currently - how is the mautic marketplace configured and where does it source the repo from?

Has there been any scope to allow custom repo’s so we can add our own custom plugins via the marketplace via a private Github repo?

Thinking either via a ZIP upload or github url path

Where is the allow list saved in the directory?

is the param MARKETPLACE_ALLOWLIST_URL respected in the local config like the MARKETPLACE_ALLOWLIST_CACHE_TTL_SECONDS

The allowlist git doesnt explicitly state it

    Config::MARKETPLACE_ALLOWLIST_URL               => '',

added these params to /app/config/local.php

Did nothing

'marketplace_allowlist_cache_ttl_seconds' => 1600,
'marketplace_enable' => true,
'marketplace_allowlist_url' => '',

Keen to understand how this works

Hi there,

The documentation for the marketplace is in the WIP dev docs:

Hey Ruth

No references to how we can customise the install experience in the docs, more or less talking about how one can prepare the plugin to be included in the master allowlist repo rather than pointing the config to your own allowlist.

It sort of suggests it in the github repo with caching params but doesnt reference anything about the other params in the code base.

Any there any wisdom that can be shared in this regard?