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Matuic at scale 100M contacts

Hi There,
I’m searching for a company that can support us with the deployment and maintenance of a very big scale mautic activity. If you can recommend a company that has the needed knowledge and experience I’ll appreciate it if you’ll reply to this thread with it’s details.
Many thanks!

You would get an appropriate response by posting in the appropriate section of the forum. This doesn’t appear to be a service related question. Consider posting in the “Commercial” section of Mautic.

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Is that a government job? Who else has 100M contacts? :slight_smile:

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Thanks @EJL have moved to the appropriate category!

To be fair he never said opt-in contacts :innocent:

Yeah i gonna have a hundred million anomyomus contacts soon if the keep coming espcially I get abut 200 per day every day…as that many Mautic fiails to put each IP in the same box… for 200 per day they simply keep getting a new record on every hit…

It happens if you are not reading out the cookie. Is Mautic on the same domain as the page you tracking?

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Hi checkout

Looks good, but I’m not sure this is the right place to advertise your website in such a manner :slight_smile:

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I just took a look again. The website tracking is set wrong.
You will have cross tracking issues if you set the tracking for
The two domains should be the same otherwise bunch of the contacts will be not tracked as return contacts.

There are article about this in the Forums. The search is your friend.

Not an advert though since it’s not mine. But a sincere recommendation. But that’s fine.