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Hi guys I’m new to matic and I’ve managed to set up mautic on amazon and amazon ses3!

Now begins my stage of deepening, and learning, I come from mailchimp and activecampaign and I have a couple of questions, maybe someone can help me.

1.- How many contacts can I have in “my mautic”?
in AC they are by plans, which range from 500 contacts, 1000 contacts, etc.

In mailchimo the same, 2000 contacts the free version…

So, in Mautic how many contacts can I have "in the free version? (I’m not talking about sending emails)

2.- How many contacts can I import to mautic from my mailchimp or activecampaign?

3.- Can I configure automatic messages from Mautic to WhatsApp?

4.- What options are there to link and work between mautic and facebook, can I collect campaign data, etc etc?

5.- Is it true that mautic can collect data from visitors to my website and create audiences with that data?

Thank you friends for your time in reading the post.

Greetings from Madrid

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Firstly welcome! Happy to have you here.

To answer your question:

  1. As many as you want. Mautic is open-source software and you have no limitations on how many contacts you can hold or send.
  2. Again as many as you want
  3. Yes you can, however it is not simple out of the box, you would need to use something like Twillio and probably web hooks as well inside the campaign - it is not a straight forward thing to do. I will look at writing up a bog post and this and keep you updated.
  4. Yes you can.
  5. Yes, Mautic will track anonymous users as well and you can build segments from these and create campaigns with focus items inside.

Mikew first I want to thank you for responding to my first post.

Mikew I see a lot of documentation, many posts etc but I did not find something like “start here” in terms of documentation or guides for mautic, is it possible to guide me to know where or where to start to master mautic?

My level of use in automation software is “medium”, I understand a lot about mailchimp, activecampaign (in terms of creating automations, segments, etc.) and I would like to learn more about everything that can be done in mautic, starting from less to more.

Thank you Mikew for your answer.
hugs from Madrid

Ruth will be faster then me

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Some resources you might find helpful:

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Haha @joeyk :ninja:

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Thanks Joey for the reply.

I have a question, I don’t know if you can help me.

I installed mautic with amaozn services and configured with an amazon SES tutorial for sending emails.

According to the tutorial that I saw in mautic in the configuration of emails you must enter the credentials of amazon ses, ID, PASSWORD AND PORT.

I did the connection test it went well, I did the sending email test and it arrived without problems from mautic.

But now checking mautic in the extensions section I see that an extension called AMAZON S3 also appears

So do I need to configure that extension? or it is no longer necessary since in amazon I configured everything and in mautic in email configuration I entered the data to connect amazon ses with mautic

Thank you!

Thanks Ruth,

I’ll check the documentation, I’m excited about mautic, I see “a new world of options” for automation.

hugs from Madrid

Hi, you don’t need it. Amazon S3 is a storage bucket, in other words file storage.
No more plugins are needed for Amazon SES. (Which is for email sending.)
But make sure you add your feedback loop properly via Amazon SNS.

Thank you for taking your time to help me.

What do you mean by this:
But make sure you add your feedback loop correctly through Amazon SNS?
I’m honestly lost in that comment.


This is an older video, but explains you the concept. (SNS looks different now.)

From min 16:30

Feedback loop is when an email (sent by Amazon SES for you) bounces, then Amazon will push a little info into your Mautic and tells you the email that just bounced. So you won’t send again :smiley: