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Mautic 2.6 out?

Got an Email from Team mautic about mautic 2.6. Has it been released already?

Got an Email from Team mautic about mautic 2.6. Has it been released already?

The new features and capabilities found in Mautic 2.6 will help you create more flexible, succinct and tailored marketing messages for your audience.

Holistic Marketing Messages:

Create messages in one place that work across multiple channels
Trigger Marketing Messages within a campaign that specify unique communications for individual channels
Allow contacts to choose their channel of communications
Enhanced Campaign Reporting:

Access brand new data source called Campaigns in the Reports view
View metrics on individual campaign components and channels
Create reports to understand overall campaign performance
With Marketing Messages and better Campaign Reporting, Mautic will help you begin to close the gaps in your marketing communications. Campaign reporting will give you the metrics you need to assess each area of your campaign, closing the knowledge gap. And with Marketing Messages, you’ll be more targeted than ever, closing the relevance gap and letting your audience know you’re listening.

I’m not seeing the new release on github.
Any idea when 2.6 will be available on github?

According to this email:

Sounds like the new update is for the cloud account only? Self hosted mautic won’t get the update?

That would be tragic, cause the self hosted mautic needs better campaign reporting, badly!

Yep, reading is a virtue :slight_smile:

Yet, being snarky is not.

Yeah, I saw that one coming.