Mautic 4 Configuration File Parameters

Is there any place (or the wish to create this) like the great Mautic configuration documentation by Leuchtfeuer but for Mautic 4?

I would love to support this effort, but don’t know, if I know enough already.

Hi @sdoering we are just working on this with @favourchi - in fact I reviewed this epic PR today!

Maybe we can also add a section which explains all of the possible entries in the configuration file in a subsequent PR, certainly the ‘hidden’ ones would be good to add.

If someone would like to work on that it would be warmly welcomed (we don’t have the capacity to do it on the Season of Docs project budget at this time).

@ekke maybe any of your team might be up for contributing it?

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@rcheesley may well be - I’ll get back to you!


I have yet to dive into the depth of Mautic, but if I could support in any way I would gladly try to be helpful.

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@sdoering that’s very cool, thanks!
And I think it is also a great way for learning, btw
→ Let’s coordinate on Slack :slight_smile: