Mautic 5.3 email setting : Unable to send emails via "ses" as the bridge is not installed

Your software
My Mautic version is:5.3
My PHP version is:8

Your problem
My problem

in the attached images

Have you installed amazon mailer?

composer require symfony/amazon-mailer

The installation of symfony/amazon-mailer failed due to insufficient memory. You can attempt to run the command without memory restrictions, but it appears that your server lacks the necessary memory capacity.

COMPOSER_MEMORY_LIMIT=-1 composer require symfony/amazon-mailer
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thanks alot @joeyk I believe I’ve already completed this with the fourth version. Is there a guide available for another review?

thanks alot @patryk.gruszka , i rescale the server and use this command composer require symfony/amazon-mailer
and that what appeared

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Had the same issue with 5.0.4, after installing with:
composer require symfony/amazon-mailer

had to clear cache and it recognized ses+api
sudo php8.1 bin/console cache:clear
sudo php8.1 bin/console cache:warmup

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