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Mautic and G-Suite doesn´t work

Hello everyone,

i just googled all the time and don´t find a solution.

I want to setup Mautic with my G-Suite to send mails over my G-Suite account.

I just tried different smtp servers for Google and activated the IP Relay in G-Suite. But nothing worked, so i can´t send any Emails. Someone can give me Hint or a suggestion how i have to set it up?

Could it have something to do with this?

That definitely has something to do with it. GSuite’s mail servers won’t let apps like Mautic (or other mail clients that aren’t using Google’s Oauth authentication API) connect and send emails without turning on the “Let less secure apps use your account” feature for the GSuite user that is sending the emails. I had to do this same thing to get emails working for Mautic, SuiteCRM and other applications that we use to send emails via GSuite.

So sorry for the late request.

It has something to do with Mautic. Other Mailsystems definetly works via

But i just created an E-Mail Adress over my server and now it´s still working.

Thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile: