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Hi guys, I wanted to ask a question.

Has anyone used the webinarPress Pro plugin ( ) to connect mautic with that tool and send emails in a sequence?

that is, an email when you register for the webinar and then an automation of, for example, 5 sales emails.

I see that you have webhooks in your configuration but only this:

and then in the part of connecting email marketing tools you only have these:

I would like attendees or registrants to be sent to mautic…

but in the “assistants” section the option to connect does not appear.

If anyone wants to take a look I can share the plugin.

Thanks a hug.


Guys apparently webinarpress seeing that many people asked mautic to update the plugin and can connect to mautic through API Credentials (Applications)

The thing is that the contact enters mautic BUT THE PROBLEM IS THAT I DON’T know how to send them to a segment to start the automation.

Is there a way that I can automatically insert it into the segment or label it?

I’m “stuck” at this point.

Thank you.

When the contact is passed into mautic from webinarpress is there any option to apply a tag?

If you use N8N as the connector, the N8N mautic module allows you to assign a tag or even add to to a segment.

Process might be send the webinarpress data to N8N via webhook to HTTP request, push that to the mautic module where u can do some config and then push it into mautic to activate the automation.