Mautic Custom Objects Plugin

Has anyone any experience with this plugin ?

How to install ?

Hi Mike,

We’re currently in a closed beta as there are some relatively complex steps you have to go through to install and work with the plugin until a bunch of PRs are merged into a release.

If you want to join, please ping me on Slack and I can add you to the channel.


This is the first I’ve seen of this plugin, and it looks amazing! I can see so many potential uses for it.

Best of luck with the development @rcheesley - is there any roadmap for when it might come out of private beta?

Thanks to a herculean effort from everybody who has been involved with our Open Source Friday sprints and the Community Sprint a few weeks ago, we managed to get all the dependent PRs merged into the 4.2.1/4.2.2/4.3.0 releases, so we’re aiming for a formal announcement to coincide with the 4.3.0 General Availability release on Monday next week! :partying_face: :rocket: :tada:

It will remain a third party extension which you will have to selectively install like any other plugin, maintained by Acquia but also accepting PRs from the community.


I started using this plugin. At the moment, I have ambivalent feelings. On the one hand we have got more data and possible powerful tool. On the other: adding custom objects in campaigns doesn’t work. Also I can’t find documentantion for connect via API. In the end - we can’t link via forms and use Custom obejcts data dynamic in emails. So - now It is little useless.

Please find all the developer documentation in the wiki here: Home · acquia/mc-cs-plugin-custom-objects Wiki · GitHub

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Thanks. One more question - linking custom objects to contact in campaign editor doesn’t work only on my instance? I start typing and haven’t any list or something.

Of cource I have got created products and done m:a:g

@rcheesley @escopecz

Are you planning a feature that allows you link custom objects with contacts via forms? I need this feature and I want to outsource this to our developer. I wonder if you would like to contribute or do this feature will be accepted.

@biggala2310 I’m glad for this question. We did refactoring of Mautic forms in 2020 to support the Custom Objects plugin in forms. I pushed it here:

The priorities shifted and we didn’t finish the implementation in the Custom Objects plugin. But it should make your work way easier. I opened it against the 5.x branch as 4.x won’t have any feature (minor) release.


I talked to my programmer. He will try to complete this task, but we will be joining it after the M5 release to do it with Symfony 5 compatibility.

Hello, biggala2310 did anyone find a solution for this one, I am trying to connect all my old contacts + any new ones as they come, to my custom item. Can anyone help me with this one? Please its urgent.