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Mautic Dev wanted - help with some initial cron/campaign configuration challenges

The opportunity is:

We are a small charity looking for a bit of pay by hour support from an experienced Mautic freelancer.

Our most pressing issues are:

  • getting our cronjobs working correctly
  • campaign failing to tag contacts appropriately.

It might also be good to do a general ‘health check’ of our configuration to ensure we are following best practices.

The details of our instance:

Digital Ocean using Serverpilot for the stack. 1 GB Memory / 25 GB Disk / AMS3

Ubuntu 20.04 (LTS) x64

Mautic version v3.2.1

Using Sparkpost for email deliverability.

It is based in:


Remote OK?:



Open to discussing different hourly rates.

To find our more:

DM or provide a direct contact email address.


you are likely starving your Mautic application with such a small amount of RAM. Regardless of fixing the cron jobs you should consider a larger VM.

if cron found to be not working then everything fails ( campaign failing to tag contacts appropriately ), 4GB to 8G RAM is recommended to start with.


All, managed to resolve both issues here. The campaign tag was me using a condition rather than an action, as pointed out by someone on this forum.

I resolved the cron issue as it was a permissions problem.

Even though for me, 1GB seemed to be performing fine for campaigns with up to 1000 contacts. I’ve now increased to 2GB and will see how it goes.

Thanks for the suggestions.