Mautic Development Bounty Program

Being part of an open source community is great, however many of us are dependent on the prioritization of certain bugs or specific feature requests - which can sometimes take some time before being implemented (if at all).

I have seen a lot of ideas here and requests for specific development being done and was wondering if there is some way for us to create a Bounty program where we can put in specific development tasks and besides people just voting on them, for people to pledge what they are prepared to have it developed. There are actually a number of posts where people actually say “Yeah I would chip in for that”

This way an independent developer can choose whether or not they want to pick up the job.

I have seen a number of bounty programs out there and when I search for Mautic I get nothing.

@rcheesley do we have something like this that I am missing, and if not is this even possible or acceptable in the community ?

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This has been around for a while.
I also payed for bugfixes before, it went really smooth.
Mautic is using Bountysource, and you can the link it in every github bug report:

Indeed, here’s the info:

Bountysource has been a touch unreliable with the GitHub integration, I’ve raised a ticket with them but never got anywhere with it, so sometimes the bit at the bottom of the issue doesn’t show. If that is the case just copy the URL of the issue and you should be able to manually create the bounty.

The Product Team also has a budget each release to use on issues they want to get fixed, that’s down to the Product Team leadership to decide and allocate the funding. There hasn’t been a team meeting or a release planning meeting in quite some time, so I am hoping this will improve in the coming year and therefore we will see more use of bounties.

In regards to feature development, take a look at - we haven’t really got this going in earnest but I think we have one or two that might be getting funded next year all being well, and we’ll be reviewing/updating the roadmap in the new year.

Hope that’s helpful, I’m out next week but happy to chat further from w/c 9th Jan!

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