New bounties provider - could potentially expand to use in the forum: feedback requested

Hi folks!

Our old provider Bountysource stopped paying out recently, so we’ve set up a new system after some chat and research on possible options. Check out the debate on our Community Portal: Replacing BountySource - Debates - Product Team - Mautic Community Portal - thank you to those who engaged in the discussion.

Right now, this is implemented for GitHub issues, but it might expand into other teams and non-code tasks later on. It could also potentially be used for issues on the forum - for example if you wanted to chip into the bounties pot to get an issue resolved and then the person resolving it could claim via an invoice. If you’re interested in this please reply in the comments!

Being a Mautic member, you can show some love and support to those who fix important issues for you or those you want to get sorted.

:mag_right: Check out the docs here:

From now on, every GitHub issue will include a link to the Bounties project on Open Collective in the footer.

You can use it to chip in and help fund someone to sort the issue. Also, devs can use the same link to raise an invoice when the PR fixing the issue is merged.

Here’s an example of a test issue I just raised: Testing new bounties integration - please disregard · Issue #13094 · mautic/mautic · GitHub