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Mautic encode HTML in fields

Mautic encode HTML tags in fields and this is the problem.
We want to send all the internal Emails from WP threw the mautic, we did an integration already, buy all the info from fields in a Email comes encoded. We don’t see PARAGRAPH = we see <p> etc…
Is there any way to fix it? Maybe some plugin which allow to create even custom filed, but not TEXT field - HTML field or something?

@Filipp your website language ?

English, but it doesnt matter.
I am talking about inputs.
Let say you have TEXTAREA - post there
As a resluts all
< and >
will be encoded… This is the main problem

Mautic has own code , you are trying this in email builder ?

  1. I creat a form in mautic
  2. I insert a form via code to site.
  3. When in TextAREA field at form i add HTML - mautic encode tags.

Already explined