Mautic form authentication Headers

Your software
My Mautic version is: 4.2.0
My PHP version is: 7.4.33
My Database type and version is: 10.4.28-MariaDB-cll-lve

Your problem
I’m trying to synchronize a Wordpress form with Avada forms, which allow you to save to the Wordpress database and at the same time make a POST or GET request to another form to send it the data.

In this case I want the wordpress form to send this POST request to a Mautic form which I already have ready but I don’t know which URL I have to send it to, I don’t know what authentication Mautic uses, and what HEADERS in general.

Could you tell me how to get Mautic to accept a POST request from the outside to save the contact and if authentication is needed in the request that type of authentication?


Here you can see the information I’m trying to fill.

Hi - may I ask why you don’t make use of Mautic Forms directly? We also use Avada and its perfectly fine. For your approach you always need to make sure all fields are in sync and for each form you have double the effort?

Now for your question:
If you look into the source code of your mautic form, you will find the URL where to POST to:

looks similar to this - https://yourmauticURL/form/submit?formId=1

Then your Mautic should have your WordPress in the CORS list. This should be enough to receive the submission, if all the fields match with their names.

Hello dirk,

Thank you for your answer.

I also use Mautic forms in one of my websites. The reason I wanted to try Avada forms is because I was hoping it would interact better with Woocomerce. A lot of my clients, who pay on the website I use Mautic forms on, don’t get registered in Mautic, mostly because they use vpns or whatever to be anonymous, and receive emails when they should not.

I might be doing something wrong with Woocomerce thought. If you have any suggestions to solve this I’m listening.

Regarding my original question:
If I understood you correctly, I don’t need any Header at all, what I need is:

1.- have the website in the CORS list, which I have;
2.- match every input name on both forms?

Is that it?

That should be it. Give it a try. There may always be some unexpected issues with server headers… but if you are lucky :wink:

In the past we used this plugin successfully:

That has a direct sync between woocommerce and mautic. I liked the smart segmentation a lot…

Well it’s not working.

It’s sending the form to wordpress and email fine, but not to Mautic.

This is from Mautic’s form input id=“mauticform_input_prueba_nombre” name=“mauticform[nombre]” value=“” class=“mauticform-input” type=“text”

Which one corresponds to Avada’s Field Name?

If the form is online - send me the link (e.g. via private message).