Mautic not sending password reset

Seems that Mautic won’t send me a password reset. Nothing arrives. I’m using 3.02 … .anyone run into this ?

I solved this by entering another bcrypt hash string into the DB, but I still need to know why its not sending a reset password. All SMTP ports are open.

What am I missing here ?


I’m sure you checked this, but just to be sure:
If you are using phpmail and not a third party SMTP for sending emails and you are on a shared server, there is a chance, that your password recovery will land in SPAM.
Could you check that?

Thanks for your reply … I already found the issue and was about to post it…

Stupid mistake : not having a verified email address in the config, thus Mautic was throwing an auth error in the logs … Well, what can I say :slight_smile:

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