Mautic on docker with NGINX installation guide

My problem is : Finding a tutorial for Mautic installation on:

  • OCI - Ubuntu 20
  • Latest docker with composer 2.5.1
  • Latest portainer
  • Installed on docker containers:
    *Nginx proxy manager - 2.9.18
    *Cloudflare API for SSL
  • Wordpress with latest mariadb, php 7.4.30, apache2,

All my yml files installed are here: Mautic instalation yml for installed NGINX on docker-compose - Stack Overflow

Steps I have tried to fix the problem : I have read documentation, found github yml examples, searched youtube for tutorials and found installations that don’t seem to be campatible with the already instalations I have.

Would deeply appreciate having some tip on where to start…
I am only starting the website from zero with no contacts,will probably test some campaings so consider it a non-for-profit for now.