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Mautic & Sendgrid X-SMTPAPI


I’m trying to integrate Mautic with Sendgrid.
Sendgrid uses a json-formated X-SMTPAPI header to pass on data. For example, the following data will tell Sendgrid to use the template with id 30fa982b-b51c-47fe-ad7f-235379fcc6ce :

  "filters": {
    "templates": {
      "settings": {
        "enable": 1,
        "template_id": "30fa982b-b51c-47fe-ad7f-235379fcc6ce"

I tested it and it works. I inserted this header on the email that I wanted to use that template with.

However, I would like to use dynamic elements within that JSON data. For example:

  "sub": {
    "%name%": ["Ben", "Joe"],
    "%role%": ["%sellerSection%", "%buyerSection%"]

So basically i wanna do:

“%name%”: ["[firstname]", “[lastname]”],

Where [firstname] and [lastname] are the data that my Mautic database has for the contact.

Is this even possible? Is Dynamic Content helpful with this?