Send E-Mail using data from an forms input fields

I’d like to ease the work of our sales department, which will send out an “offer of the day” or “product of the day” to a specific segment. The mail should be in the same layout (template) whith only the productname, the price and link to the shop changed.

Therefore i would like to create a simple form, where the sales staff can enter only the variable data of the mail-template, choose a segment from a dropdown-list of available segments (could be static references or IDs) and send it.

This should create a email (campaign).

So is this doable with Mautic only or do i need to have some programming around it? Creating a form would be easy and sending forms data to some middleware (PHP script) which may then create API calls to do what i like. But before starting programming i would like to rule out to not invent something already exsits :slight_smile:

Just to have it noted: our sales guys are not smart enough to handle Mautic GUI… they need something reeeealy easy.

That’s interesting.
You can use the twigtemplates plugin for the email.
But then you need to write into the twigtemplate fields via the api or somehow.
Basically you need to define system-variables which can be updated via a form manually.

This is not possible with Mautic out of the box. If you send a form it always refers to a contact - not to your system.

IMHO you need to build a small plugin to do that.

Meanwhile i found a way to do this through the API. You can send an list of “tokens” which then are usable as “{{ token_key }}” in a template.