I want a segment of contacts used for a send list so that when a mautic form

You need to explain yourself better by giving examples then others can help you as personally I don’t get what you are trying to do and no one will like to reply a question they don’t understand.

I am sure you know how to use the campaign already you select the form and select emails to send to people from that form.
If you want certain details from a form input to be added into the email you need to go to your email builder and type { and put the few letters of that field and you will have it in that email for all users mailed.

Also, note you can’t use someone that filed a form details to use used as sender info in the email, only the admin can do this and only one sender info can be used to send emails to users who are receiving emails and it also doesn’t make sense for sender info to be the same email address that is receiving the email so it’s not possible in Mautic to do that.

You can also visit here to learn about dynamic content in case it can help you LEARN HOW TO USE DYNAMIC CONTENT

That’s the little things I understand from your questions try to add more details if no answer is gotten.