Fields that are filled in a form and sent to me by email

I want that when a user fills out a form, in addition to adding me as a contact (that already does it for me), in what way can I send the data that the contact writes to my email.

I have tried to put in the actions of the form that it sends me an email and it arrives perfectly with the email that I have predefined for it, but I would like an email with the fields that the contact has filled in to also arrive in the same email.

I have seen that it can be put with braces {}, but I don’t know where to look for the exact field name and if they are custom fields, I suppose they can also be looked at somewhere.

you tell me
Thank you.

Did u mean this?

Hello Joeyk, a pleasure.
Well I have already seen this, but maybe I have not explained myself correctly.
Imagine I have a Form (in Mautic) where I have 2 custom fields (“mycustomname01”, “mycustomname02”).

In Mautic in the Form, I have told him the following:

  • The first thing is that it puts the Contact information in Mautic (this is perfect)
  • Then I have told him an Action: Send email
    ----- This is where I have the problem:
    ----- The email does arrive correctly, but I have set the fields:
    ---------- Custom field 01 is: {mycustomname01}
    ---------- Custom field 02 is: {mycustomname02}
    ----- I can’t capture the data of these fields, because in addition to including it in Mautic, I need the content of those fields that the Contact has filled in to reach me by email.
    I don’t know what I could be doing wrong and I hope you throw me some certainty.

Thanks, as always.

Are you saving the field value in Mautic?

Yes. As custom field.

You can display the field value as {contactfield=alias} Where the alias is the one of the custom field (visible in the custom field page)

This is what I’ve tried, but it didn’t work.
In the email that arrives I get as if I did not take said field.

Can you check if that field is populated for the contact in question after form submission?
Also: can you check plz if there is no typo in the token? Also no HTML tags in between when you check the html view?

Could you please try, if it works with “standard” fields related to the contact? Currently also the company fields are broken. Maybe there is an issue with custom fields too?

Yes, I have verified it and I am placing the alias. I understand that this is the one I have to put, right?

Anyway it is correct.

Nor does a regular field arrive because I also have the Email field, which is a normal field that Mautic brings.

This is the fix btw:

Can you check if that field is populated for the contact in question after form submission?

Meaning: you open the contact, and you see the value. I’m not talking about form results.

Yes, the data is all correct within the contact file.
Sending it sends them successfully.

Plz share Mautic version.

The version is this: v4.4.8

Sorry, I totally lost the track here.

  1. The form is saving the values in the custom field
  2. The form has an action ''Send email to user" does not send the proper {contactfield=contactalias} feid value, but remains empty.

Hello, everything you asked me was correct until I tried it again today.
It looks like this will be updated with the Crons and I would try to do it before they were running to update this information. That day he did not send me anything, he placed the field with the keys without the information.

Today he already sends me that information correctly and without doing anything on my part.
That’s why I guess it would be the Cron. I didn’t leave a minimum update time I guess.

Thank you.

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