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My Mautic version is: Mautic 4.4.1

In a form, I have a select list, from which the customer can select one of three choices:

Within the Attributes tag, I added some HTML name for the form field:

Now, in the Actions tab for this form, I want to define that the URLs from the first picture (marked red) is emailed to the contact who fills the form. However, it seems I’m able to email only the values from the first column, using {formfield=field_name}. Is there an option to email the values from the second column as well?

Thank you for the answer!


Hello Lukas, are you saving this value in a field ?
Can you share the contact Field tab’s content?

Hi joeyk,

Thank you for your answer.

No, I’m not saving the value, so the contact field tab is empty.

Would it work in case I create a custom field and define this field in contact field tab? Which variable (and which syntax) could then be used in Actions tab of the form to send the value to the customer who filled the form?


If you choose the contact field here, then it will be saved for the contact.
Later you can access as a token:


aliasofthecontact is the alias column by the contact fields.

Dear joeyk,

thanks a lot, this seems to solve my issue!

Have a great day.

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