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Mautic with Bigdata Support

We have millions of records need to keep in mautic. Do we have any big data support in mautic?

It is always a matter of definition what “big data” means. :wink:

What do you mean with millions of records? Contact data? Or contact data multiplied with attributes? Or company data? Or history data?

Millions of contacs is pretty much. But if your server is configured properly I would give it a try.

Hello Peter - Thank you for getting back on this.

We are collecting data from multiple sources which includes not only just plain contact data but also claims data etc. The problem that we have is that the data from these multiple sources may not be all the same in terms of attributes. Some data like the claims data may have lots of attributes which the data from the other source may not have. Similarly, the data captured from another source may have a totally different set of attributes. However, we wanted all this data in one master DB so that we can run campaigns with this data.

We are using the free version of mautic. We are willing to switch over to Maestro or other paid versions that you have if it can support the above requirements that I have mentioned.

We would also prefer an on-premise solution rather than a hosted solution.

Based on the above that I have mentioned what solutions would you propose?

Hi @arun, I have a suggestion for you but unfortunately the forum software does not allow me to post it: “403 Forbidden // A potentially unsafe operation has been detected in your request to this site.”

Unfortunately I don’t know how to PM you. Any idea?

EDIT: I could post a screenshot of what I want to write… but no. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response, can you send me in the mail. My id